Hi, I’m Bonnie!

I’m a former Californian living and freezing in Minneapolis. I write about feminism, LGBTQ issues, gender-based violence, health, and wellness. Here are five fast facts about yours truly:

Photo by  Josh Olson Photo .
  1. My mom swam from Alcatraz eight months pregnant with me on New Year’s Day without a wet suit. I swam on my college swim team, but I will never be as much of a badass as her.

  2. I studied opera in college, but I’m too shy to sing outside of my car (I get a lot of weird looks while driving).

  3. I grew up attending diabetes camp, and yes, that’s a thing. There was even a camp dance where we’d have to abruptly pause the dance midway because everyone had low blood sugar.

  4. My dad’s a refugee from Hungary. I’m in the process of getting my Hungarian citizenship, and it’s taking approximately 127 years.

  5. My birthday’s on Valentine’s Day. It’s the worst.